JUDAESAPTAN, legendary kingdom in Austria. The legend, first printed in Hagen's chronicle (15th century), relates how the Jew Abraham of Theomanaria arrived in Austria 860 years after the flood and founded the kingdom of Judaesaptan with its capital, Stockerau; there he reigned for 33 years, while his sons ruled as tetrarchs in Korneuburg, Tulln, and Vienna. The 16th-century historian, Wolfgang Lazius, attempted to establish the truth of the legend (which was considered historic fact even in 1738) by interpreting Hebrew inscriptions on tombstones. Another version speaks of two men, Saunas and Juda Saptai, who established the kingdom in 1700 B.C.E. Yet another version credits them with the founding of Vienna.   One chronicle enumerates 72 Jewish princes, ruling in Austria until 200 B.C.E. -BIBLIOGRAPHY: H. Gold, Geschichte der Juden in Wien (1966), 1; H. Tietze, Die Juden Wiens (1933), 13–14; E. Scherer, Die Rechtsverhaeltnisse der Juden in den deutsch-oesterreichischen Laendern (1901), 112.

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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